Perinatal / Postnatal Mental Health

Working with women who are struggling with perinatal mental health issues is something I am passionate about. This includes antenatal anxiety, depression, trauma relating to the birth, postnatal mental health difficulties as well as pregnancy and infant loss. I have worked in mother and baby units and with women in the community.

I am a mother of two children and have personal experience of both antenatal and postnatal psychological distress. Following the birth of my first child and recovery from the mental health issues I experienced, I undertook a piece of research that explored women’s experience of NHS services for postnatal depression with a view to make recommendations on the development of these services.

I understand the importance of providing a safe space and the time needed for women to tell their story and be heard. I believe that the perspective of the women who are affected by these difficulties is the most important element in recovery from them. I am compassionate and containing in my approach and empower women to process and recover from their experiences.