Corporate Clients

Cultivating a work environment that promotes self care and looks after the well-being of its staff has many benefits for businesses and organisations. Employees that are supported with their well-being at work are more likely to be motivated and engaged in their work, problem solve and rise to challenges more effectively and have fewer incidents of sickness.

Lea Psychology can help your company provide 1:1 therapy for employees who are in need of psychological support. I offer drop-in sessions to provide your staff with a more informal approach to therapy. Regular check-in appointments can also be set up on dates throughout the year in order to offer your employees a safe space to offload any difficult feelings, emotions or experiences.

It is important to emphasise that the aim of Clinical Psychology services for employees is not necessarily to address work related issues. Providing access to psychological support for personal, non-work related needs, that your staff may struggle to access through the NHS, is a large part of ensuring their wellbeing needs are met in a holistic way.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas in order to set up a support package to suit your company’s needs.