Physical Health and Palliative Care

The impact of physical health on well-being is an interest I have had for some years and I have held a number of positions in this field within the NHS, including my current role within a paediatric team. I am able to provide therapy relating to on-going chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, haematology and other cancers and life threatening illnesses. I also have experience in providing therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) as well as individuals who may be struggling with an accident or injury that is impacting upon their life. The work in therapy may relate to adjustment and acceptance but also how the condition impacts upon families, communication, activities and occupation.

I am able to provide support to children and adults who are in the last stages of their life. I have attended various conferences, training days and discussion groups around this area of psychology and have worked in services that provide this care. I believe that death and dying is still somewhat a taboo subject in our society and that this can have a hugely detrimental impact on the psychological well-being of those affected by this life stage. Whether you are somebody who is diagnosed with a life threatening illness or close to somebody that is, I can provide a safe, supportive space to work through the challenges and emotions that this time can bring. Work in therapy might relate to adjustment and acceptance, body image issues, the impact upon relationships or considering your legacy and steps you can take to bring about closure and provide tangible memories for those you leave behind.